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C J Kelly assist in trenchless pipeline cleaning project

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C J Kelly International Ltd (C J Kelly) recently assisted in a pipe cleaning project being undertaken by specialist drainage contractor, Fastflow Drains. Working with Derek Sewell of Fastflow, the project required the removal of tarmac and concrete deposits from a pipeline serving the Winchester Court residence in Vicarage Gate, London, UK.

The Picote Super Midi set up for the cleaning operation.

The pipeline in question comprised a cast iron drain which runs directly under the property in solid ground and concrete, negating any potential for traditional open cut replacement of the pipeline. As such, a trenchless solution had to be found. The build-up of tarmac and concrete materials in the drain, which was highlighted by a CCTV survey, were causing damp problems in the basement flat of the property.

Assessing the problem and having worked with CJ Kelly on previous occasions, Sewell sought advice on the most effective options for removing the materials. Having heard recommendations from other drainage contractors, he asked about the potential use of a Picote Super Midi miller machine with the correct cleaning attachments.

Consulting with CJ Kelly proved highly effective when John Kelly recommended the Super Midi with a selection of Tiger cleaning tools.

Renting the machine to complete the works, the Fastflow team set up the Super Midi on 7 December 2020 at 08:30, in order to start the cleaning operations promptly at 09:00. The later start was out of consideration to the residents. The cleaning operation was completed by 14:30 in less than one normal working shift and the machine was demobilised and removed from site.

Fastflow used the Picote Super Midi machine for cutting out the tarmac and concrete from the cast iron drain, utilising the Picote cutting heads with a Tiger bore drill head, a 100 mm diameter Tiger Drill chain, a 75 mm diameter Tiger twister concrete/liner removal tool, a leader cable, hub and grinding panels and a Flexian 3000 psi at 16 gpm high-pressure water jetting machine. The operation was monitored using an A&M Industrial CCTV camera system.

The Picote Super Midi removed the tarmac and concrete in just 3 passes through the pipeline, using the Tiger twister concrete removal tool. The contractor then ran the machine with the tiger drill chain and leader cable hub and grinding panels to clean up any remaining deposits. The drain was then finally cleaned utilising the high-pressure water jetting system before completing a final CCTV survey.

With the problem identified and the correct equipment in place, the contractor experienced no problems during the cleaning operation saying ‘the Picote machine dealt with the problem with ease’. The drain was found to be holding water after removal of the tarmac/concrete. This was found to be due to a back-fall on the drain. Fastflow recommended re-lining of the drain to the client.

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