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GAZ-SYSTEM completes first stage of Polish pipeline reconstruction

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GAZ-SYSTEM has completed an important stage of the reconstruction of the Goleniów – Police gas pipeline.


“The economy of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship will benefit from the reconstruction of the Goleniów – Police gas pipeline. Additionally, by dint of exploiting this method of carrying out the investment, transport between Swinoujscie and Szczecin using inland vessels with a larger tonnage will be feasible”, said Krzysztof Jackowski, Vice-President of GAZ-SYSTEM.

The Goleniów – Police gas pipeline represents one of the most crucial elements of the gas transmission network in Western Pomerania. It supplies gas, among others, to the City of Szczecin and chemical plants in Police. This investment was broken down into two stages.

The first stage encompasses crossing through Roztoka Odrzanska by the underground passage method and disassembling two lines of the old DN500 and DN400 gas pipeline. During these works executed in Roztoka, a 1814 m long HDD-directional drilling was made. The works using this method consisted of simultaneous drilling of a pilot borehole from opposite river banks in two directions. The drilling, along with the sinking of the gas pipeline, was being performed from September to November.

The second stage of the investment will commence next year. As per the assumptions adopted, a new, 8 km long gas pipeline will be installed in the communes of Police and Stepnica. Trenchless technology will also be used on this occasion. In total, four drillings, ranging from 700 m to 2000 m in length, will be executed. This stage is scheduled to be completed in 2023.

The environmental aspect of this undertaking is also of high importance. The scope of works involves the disassembly of approximately 4 km of the old gas pipeline running through the area across the Olszanka Reserve. Dismantling the pipe abolishes the obligation to maintain a controlled zone for the gas pipeline, therefore no need to monitor and interfere with nature there will arise. What will be the outcome is a greater development of fauna and flora and free migration of animals within the reserve.

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